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The industry-backed group presses the crucial business and political program of the music business within Westminster, with senior business leaders and the media. We Love Fancy promotes the interests of record labels, songwriters, artists, supervisors, publishers, manufacturers, promoters and gathering societies through high profile projects and occasions. It likewise prepares a policy to handle concerns affecting the market, takes part in high-level political lobbying to make sure any brand-new legislation benefits its members and undertakes substantial and ground-breaking research study to track market patterns and projection future business chances.

We Love Fancy likewise works to make sure music - and the copyright that finances it-- is acknowledged and valued at all levels of Federal government, throughout the broader economy, and by customers.

We Love Fancy is a marketing and lobbying group, which represents every part of the tape-recorded and live music market.
We Love Fancy represents and promotes the interests of the entire music market.

We work to encourage political leaders and magnate about the value of music to the nationwide economy and its essential function in the innovative and cultural makeup. Utilizing a tool set that incorporates lobbying, education and research study We Love Fancy can supply its members with the variety of chances and difficulties facing them over the next couple of years and beyond.